Reasons Why People Get Addicted to Drugs

Drug abuse is recognized as one of the highest forms of abuse in the world. Many pick it up consciously or unconsciously, due to curiosity or a medical condition. However, they realize only too late that they have become addicts.

The knowledge that drug abuse is addictive and destructive doesn’t have any impact on the numbers as they keep rising. Sometimes we wonder why people get addicted to drugs, here’s why;

1. To Suppress Negative Feelings

Most people indulge in drug abuse to suppress feelings of sadness and depression. They get addicted after many trials and realization that consuming such substances can numb their negative feelings temporarily.

2. Escape from Realities of Life

An individual can decide to consume drugs just to escape or avoid certain situations and circumstances they are going through at the moment.

3. Rejection

People tend to indulge in drug abuse because of rejection from family, friends, and loved ones. They conclude or assume that they are not loved by anyone and thus go into the consumption of different substances.

4. Lack of Proper Guide and Prescription

In some cases, people get addicted to drugs if they do not have proper guidance on how the drugs should be used. Another case is if such drugs are used without the prescription of a medical practitioner.

5. Failure

Failure is a common reason why people get addicted to drugs, especially young adults. The moment they feel they are not meeting up to expectations or that they are failing in certain areas of their life, they dive into the consumption of substances. 

Drug addiction can be cured with intentionality and consciousness as well as seeking medical attention. However, it is better to prevent its occurrence than having to cure it.

Watch out for these reasons in yourself and those around you. Also, make sure to not aid these reasons but help those going through them to solve them.

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