Addiction is an inability to stop using a substance or engaging in a behavior even though it is causing psychological and physical harm. Addicts most times want to be free from the addiction, but don’t have the mental will and strength to do so. The following are ways to help addicted persons get back on their feet again.

  • Gain Trust and Confidence

This is the first and most important part of helping an addict. They need someone they can trust, someone they can share their secrets and ‘dark parts’ of themselves with. Such a person is supposed to assist in monitoring their progress and guide them through the path of freedom.

When you gain their trust, refrain from nagging, harsh criticism, and use of threats on them as it could further drag them into the addiction.

  • Therapy

Seeking professional help is another important strategy in helping an addict stay free from addiction. It could range from getting an appointment with a medical doctor(in the case of substance abuse), a psychotherapist, or any qualified professional.

  • Support Groups

Support groups are a group of people facing similar cases of addiction, who come together to share their experiences and encourage one another. Support groups have proven to be very effective in overcoming addictions.

  • Right Company

For some people, their addiction was a result of peer pressure and the type of company they were around. To start the process of freedom from the addiction, they must sever ties with the relationships that brought the addiction in the first place.

  • Deliberate Disposal of Addiction Triggers

This is the part where the addict takes a deliberate step against their addiction. If they’re addicted to alcohol, for example, they could stay away from social gatherings that could trigger their cravings for it or even dispose of the bottles of alcohol they have at home.

We should understand that addiction takes time to be free from and sometimes, relapses could happen. This would help us not to expect immediate change from an addict but rather help them grow and become free, with time.

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