Signs that an individual is addicted to drugs

Drug addiction does not usually start as an addiction. It is formed over time and then becomes a habit. In most cases, it starts as a coping mechanism.

Drug addicts exhibit some signs which you can notice by observation. If your family member or friend is an addict, these signs will inform you and help you identify the problem.

1.) Blame Shifting

They never take responsibility for their actions and nothing they do is their fault. An addict is always a victim in their own eyes. Addiction feels like a shameful act, and that shame fuels the blame game. They believe that if they can blame those around them, they can avoid getting the real help that they need.

2.) Criminal Activities

Addicts can lie to, steal from, or trick people close to them because of their need for drugs, especially when they want to refuel. It is like a survival instinctive act. Their brains have gotten so used to drugs that they can do just about anything to get their hands on the next pack or syringe.

3.) Financial Problems

The need to always have drugs, which are usually expensive, drives addicts to financial problems. The high that they get from the drugs removes every rational thinking, making them take unwise financial decisions.

4.) Always absent, missing appointments

Addicts never meet up with appointments and are usually absentminded. They forget or just don’t care at that moment. Socially, they are withdrawn from any emotional attachment.

5.) Dilated pupils, slurred speech, sleepy eyes:

People who are addicted suffer from insomnia and restlessness after the drug has worn off so they always have tired and sleepy eyes. Most of the drugs that they consume affect the sympathetic nervous system which causes irregular pupil dilation.

Sometimes the above signs, if observed in an individual may not be as a result of drug addiction, they might be as a result of stress and anxiety or sometimes hunger. However, when persistent over a long time, they may be as a result of drug addiction.

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