4 Tips on How to Cut Back on Your Alcohol Consumption

Do you find yourself questioning if your drinking has gotten out of hand?

Maybe you have overdone it just a few times too many lately, or maybe it has started to affect other areas of your life such as your work life or your relationships…

Drinking can go from an occasional, casual indulgence to a full-blown problem in a short period of time.

So, if you have found yourself questioning if you might be developing a problem, it might be time to work on cutting back on your drinking.

The Benefits of Cutting Back

Of course, if you feel you are at risk of developing an alcohol addiction, that is reason enough to cut back. However, there are several other health benefits to cutting back on your alcohol consumption including:

  • Feeling better mentally and physically
  • Looking better – more awake, in better shape, etc.
  • Saving money by buying less alcohol
  • Sleeping better
  • Reducing your risk of heart problems
  • Improving relationships and work performance

Isn’t your health worth it?

4 Tips for Cutting Back

Now that you know why you should do it, here are some tips for how:

  1. Set limits.

    Set limits both for the financial aspect and the actual alcohol limit. Have a set limit that you can spend on alcohol and don’t exceed it. Next, set a limit for either the strength of your drinks and/or the number of drinks you consume. Self-discipline will have a positive influence in your life.

  2. Inform your family and friends.

    It is much easier to stick to a goal when you have someone holding you accountable. So, let your friends and family know what you are doing. They might be able to offer you additional advice and definitely some support. It always helps to have someone looking out for you and ensuring that you don’t slip up.

    Also, if they were already worried about you then it will give them a peace of mind that you are making a difference.

  3. Have alcohol-free days.

    You don’t have to drink every day – or even every week. If you drink daily, take a day or a few days off. Or, if you drink every weekend then take a weekend off. It will show you just how much better you can feel if you skip out on that beer every once in a while, and will also help reduce the amount of alcohol you are consuming.

    Just a few sober days in a row can help the body reset itself, especially the liver.

  4. Explore other activities.

    It is no secret that drinking is an activity, and usually a social one. It gives you something to do, eases your mind, and can help make other not so fun things just a little bit more fun.

    However, there are plenty of other activity options, you don’t have to settle for a night of drinking. Try out something more active like swimming or Frisbee. Whatever it is that sounds good to you, try something new. Pick up a new hobby that does not involve drinking.

    It is much easier to cut back on drinking when you are focused on something else.

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